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ERC Condo

ERC Condominium was envisioned through synthesis of traditionalism and modernity: applying western contemporary designs while simultaneously utilizing local resources, materials, and craftsmanship to redefine Myanmar modernity. 


The unit features an ensuite master bedroom, adjoined by a bathroom and a brief hall that connects to a personal study. 


Zoned teak flooring were executed by an Italian craftsman residening in Myanmar, alludes to the re-purposing and modernization of traditional materials through western designs. Additionally, the modern marble flooring of the kitchen and master restroom creates a counterpoint to local materials, accentuating western opulence and hospitality. 


The custom furniture, as well, utilizes traditional teak yet carved through contemporary designs, redefining the concept of Myanmar elegance


Further accentuated by the unit’s modern amenities, the unit underwent shifts from traditional to contemporary, evidenced in the initial layout of the kitchen and guest bedroom. Through the firm design decision to move the kitchen forward close to the living room, so that guests can dine with a spectacular view of the city.   

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