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Paribawga Showroom

“Paribawga, which means “furniture” in Burmese, was established by Pun + Projects in 2016 in Yangon, Myanmar. We offer contemporary furniture and interior objects that reflect the history and legacy of Myanmar materials and craft. Inspired textures and finishes evoke the moods and complexity of Myanmar’s natural environment, while modern lines and forms set our pieces squarely in the present.


All Paribawga products adhere to a simple design philosophy that relies on high-quality local materials, careful sourcing, and craft-based construction techniques. Furniture and accessories are manufactured locally in our factory in Myanmar, ensuring quality control every step of the way. Through two channels, the Paribawga Collection and our Bespoke services, we work with private individuals, commercial partners and interior designers to create and fit custom spaces all around the world.” -

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