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Rag & Denim

Established in 2012, Rag & Denim has been a well-known and successful brand first opening at Junction Square. As is M.ID’s M.O., the design firm revitalized Rag & Denim with new concepts, redesigning the brand to ensure its success in the many years to come.


At its newest location at The Central Boulevard,  Rag & Denim is singularly envisioned as industrial and modern -- tapping into the rawness of physical sports reflective of the store’s athleisure wear merchandise by featuring bold colors, rugged textures, and utilizing durable industrial-grade materials.


Throughout the store, corrugated tin roofing and checkered sheet metal are featured on walls and on the floor, with displays fitted with durable crate handles. Industrial-grade paints highlight several set pieces, with a massive custom-made basketball lighting that hangs above the second floor’s raw epoxy flooring.  


M.ID has ensured that the brand will endure and succeed.

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